About Us

Southern Brothers Mission Statement 

Our Mission is to live each day with our actions reflecting our values of Truth, Loyalty, Respect, Strength and Honor. It is our desire at the Southern Brothers MC to provide an environment in which anyone with a love for being on two wheels can be a part of a great organization made up of great people with a desire for helping others in need.
SBMC is committed to creating a positive force and image for our members, family and communities. We conduct ourselves as a family that shares a passion for motorcycles, socializing and riding, while inspiring brotherhood/sisterhood.
The desire of the SBMC is to have a club made up of folks who want to experience the thrill of riding, solidarity of family, raising money for charitable causes, and support of our military. The Southern Brothers MC believes in riding hard but being safe, while promoting Positivity and Respect, a combination that will always be prosperous no matter what situation you find yourself in.
The SBMC will support our local charities, fellow clubs and riders, as we all contribute in strengthening our community. All members will abide by all local, state, and federal laws. It is our intention for all of our riders to feel that they are a part of something much bigger than themselves and to feel a sense of brotherhood/sisterhood for their fellow club family. We are Family FIRST, and that includes our brothers and sisters within the Southern Brothers MC.

Our Patch

SBMC is a club founded in the south and holding fast to the true original old fashioned southern values. Therefore, we have chosen the compass, with all points south as our club patch. This serves to remind each member and the rest of the world, that regardless of where we ride or what we do, our hearts and souls are always headed back south. Furthermore, it represents the moral compass that every individual is born with, and keeps us focused on those true southern principles and values that we each hold dear and this club was founded on.

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